Op-Ed: Why Do Atheist Books Matter To Christians?

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Books on Atheism have been coming hot off the presses and protested as soon as it hit the stores. There have been a small number of outspoken Christians that protest every new book as a personal affront. Excuse me? Did anyone say that you have to buy it?

Some of the editorials I have been reading show such utter hate for any other religious experience beyond Christianity that they are hard to make it all the way through them. Atheists are being accused of becoming militant. By writing books on how they view the world it somehow threatens the religious people. So does that mean all those books on the bookstore shelves written n a Christian viewpoint are the result of militant authors?

Reality to Houston……..looks like we’re in for some rocky times.

One of the articles I read started off mentioning Atheism books and then went to the evils of Islam.

The problem is far more than merely an intellectual one. Only strong moral religion can defeat strong immoral religion.

Paul Jackson compared the sales of the book The God Delision by Dawkins with the sales of the Bible, Talmad, and Qur’an in a demeaning tone. The book of course is not going to outsell the others at this point. At one point in the article Einstein was brought into the fray. Einstein = intelligence. Einstein= believed in God. Cool, Einstein believed in God but so what. Honestly is it so hard to get that others may not believe and that doesn’t make them wrong?

Perhaps he hasn’t read much about Albert Einstein — assessed by many to have had the greatest intellect of any human being ever born — who did believe in a God.

Einstein, whose theory of relatively changed the way we look at science, felt the universe had such a pattern of working against all odds there had to be an intelligent designer.

Dawkins doesn’t think so.

There is no God, no Heaven.

Where is this guy coming from?

Does he think he is more intelligent than God?

Apparently so.

Has he ever been over to the Other Side?

I’ll bet you 1,000-to-1 he hasn’t.

An article in SF Weekly goes so strong as to suggest Congress should pass laws requiring atheist authors to register with the Securities Exchange Commission and disclose all links with companies who’ll benefit from mass conversion to faithlessness.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Sadly it’s not a joke.

Another editorial questioned why Christians are so threatened by Atheists writing books. One thought set me off to think: When we start bearing arms and threatening to shoot believers, the term “militant atheist” will be fair. But it’s highly doubtful you’ll see many atheists getting violent over the cause.

It made me think because the truth is right there. You don’t hear about Atheists running around shooting Christians for their beliefs.

There is one sure way to protest a book. Don’t buy it. Don’t discuss it. If the book doesn’t sell and isn’t given publicity it fades away most of the time. Unless of course the message is strong enough to stand on its own.

There is a place on the market for all religious viewpoints, secular and nonsecular. How can one know honestly what they believe if they don’t have a picture of different viewpoints.

Just my opinion.


7 responses to “Op-Ed: Why Do Atheist Books Matter To Christians?

  • Bad

    Einstein didn’t believe in a personal God in any case: he didn’t believe in a heaven or a hell either. So even that is just a sloppy, nasty argument.

  • bananasfk

    The Atheism book matters to bible thumper’s so they can repress the ideas, Hollywood is about to foo-bar Philip Pullman, and secondly they are a possible ‘market’ to convert to stupidity.

  • Matthew

    I think that there is no reason for Christians to get upset over the viewpoints of others. I am a Christian and it does not make me upset to hear someone say there is not a God. Jesus Christ never got mad at someone for not believing; he just told them the truth. If they accepted it, then that is good. If not, they will find out the hard way.

    For any Christian reading this comment, it is not our job to change the way people believe. It is our job to tell the truth and their job to change the way they believe. So quit bashing people’s beliefs and just spread the gospel.

  • momentsintime

    Thank you Matthew and I agree with you. If people of all religious and non-religious beliefs learned to have tolerance of others the world would be a much safer home.

  • Alasdair

    It’s funny (not ha-ha), but we don’t see that sort of comment on atheist press in the UK, least I’ve not seen any. It makes me wonder if it exists in the states because the US is almost as christian as Iran is ismlamist … just a thought.

    I find it striking that many so-called christian commentators are compelled to come out so strongly against any other faith and even attack the non-faith athiest.

    “Does he [dawkins] think he is more intelligent than God?” – no, he doesn’t believe in god! How, therefore could he believe himself to be more intelligent than god … very clumsy arguement.

    excellent post, btw 😉

  • Koji Oe

    I don’t understand why all religions cannot get along and why there is such arguments of hatred between most of them? Why must we hide behind our labels? I am a human and I should do my best to improve the situation and help other humans. Not diminish and build walls among others.

  • blueollie

    My guess is that only certain types of Christians are upset.

    Some use their religion to make *their own* lives better (e. g., to make themselves more serene, more compassionate, etc.) and these folks probably aren’t bothered at all.

    On the other hand, some people just enjoy telling others what to do, and it is this type or person that is bothered.

    Being a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, etc. has very little to do with it… 🙂

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