Thousands of Elves At The Ready

It’s that time of the year again when young children scribble out their dreams to Santa. Thousands of elves are readied with pen and paper to respond to the tykes dreams and forward the requests on to the big guy in the North Pole.

Canada Post “elves” have been activated as children across Canada and the world begin their yearly ritual of Dear Santa letters. Post Canada is expecting a record year of young writers with visions of toys dancing in the heads.

Santa himself was greeted by excited first graders at a midtown post office in Toronto on Friday. Santa arrived at the postal office in a modified postal truck. He revealed that the letters that touch his heart the strongest are of children that make requests for others.

“It’s not so much ‘give me, give me,”‘ he said in an interview. “I have so many letters that wish other people good things.”

Since the Canada Post launched it’s Santa program 26 years ago more than 15 million letters have been answered by their special postal elves. That was enough to get the Canada Post’s “Letters to Santa” program a certificate from Guinness World Records.

In case you are wondering the postal code for the North Pole and Santa’s workshop is H0H 0H0. Letters sent will be read and responded to by the elves and Santa will be aware of what the tykes want under the tree this year.

The post office is requesting that the kids save the treats for Santa until he visits their homes. If your youngster is more prone to email instead of snail mail there is a website they can visit.

Last December, Canada Post delivered more than 900 million pieces of mail, with 50 million pieces entering the mail stream on December 19 alone.

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