Be A Patriot, Stop For Anthem

In Thailand a new law is being proposed to promote patriotism that would force motorists to come to a complete stop when the national anthem is played twice daily. That law would cause chaos claims lawmakers.

The army appointed parliament is proposing a new Flag Bill that will promote patriotism within the country. The bill which was drafted by a group of retired and active duty generals was deferred on Thursday to give a committee time to study it.

“It would be chaotic if the bill had passed as it is now. So the National Legislative Assembly decided to set up a panel to review it,” NLA member Wallop Tangkananurak told Reuters.

The goal of the bill will “preserve tradition and instill patriotism in Thais” by having road traffic stop when the anthem plays during the raising and lowering of the national flag.

The nation’s people already stop what they are doing and stand still during the anthem. The national song is played at 8 a.m and 6 p.m everyday and broadcast from loudspeakers in train stations, parks and office buildings.

The bill would allow for motorist to be just as patriotic according to 70 year old retired General and NLA member Pricha Rochanasena.

“The national anthem lasts only one minute and eight seconds, so why can’t motorists stop their cars for the sake of the country?,” retired General and NLA member Pricha Rochanasena, 70, told Reuters.

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