op-ed: Searching For The Definition Of Leftinistra

There’s a newly made up word on the horizon Leftinistra but what does it mean? Searching for the meaning I wasn’t surprised that it’s not in any dictionary which makes sense being as it’s a made up word.

What was surprising is where the Google search leads.

The word is used to describe liberals. Liberals are also described as sniveling, whining, ungrateful and hate filled mutants. Those who use it claim that the media is securely entrenched in the world of the liberals.

What are the chances that you are within the “moronic” Leftinistra? If you have any liberal leanings it’s pretty good. From the apparent leader of this new word and movement to vilify the left comes 18 ways to be a good liberal. Do you qualify?

Well you just might be part of the leftinista if you think capital punishment is barbaric. If you are pro-choice. If you believe that the government can help individuals achieve the “American Dream.”

You could be a leftie if you think that gun reforms may make for a safer nation.

Do you think that federal funding for artist is a good thing you could be a whiner.

If you think that global warming is more than a farce, yep you too could be a labeled a leftinistian.

If you think that those with different sexual orientation have rights, oops you have to steer to the left fellows.

If you think that AIDS is only spread by needles and sex step off the Leftinistra bus.

Do you think that sex education has a place in schools? Okay you can get back on the bus.

Some of the qualifications for being a libel are pretty silly and aren’t really relevant to anything political so I am not bothering mentioning them.

There is a problem with this editorial. Those who want to spread the hate have themselves filtered into news sources. It’s a little rule that you can’t “attack” those within the same news source. You also at times can’t report on movements because of that rule. So why was it written?

The reason why is simple. During election periods in the United States movements crop up. Some of them are great and have a focus that is for the betterment of socialites. Some though represent a following of hate using any method they can. This particular movement has used the means in the past of challenging the mental stability of those who are liberal. All movements have a right to be reported on.

Name calling is part of the agenda during politcal times and is to be expected. It is also to be expected that those “names” will be researched.

I challenge you to Google the word and see where it leads you.

2 responses to “op-ed: Searching For The Definition Of Leftinistra

  • panoptical2

    I don’t necessarily agree with the “moronizing” of leftists using “leftinistra.” I don’t agree with the moronizing of leftists period. (I have liberal friends too.)
    However, I don’t think that this is hate speech either. Conservatives and liberals constantly attack each other over various issues, and some of those attacks can get dirty, from both sides. However, I have a hard time believing that conservatives hate liberals and vice versa. This is not like the issue of race, where many people were killed over racial tensions and violence. When did you last hear about violence caused by political tensions within our own government? The Civil War?

    From what I’m getting, leftinistra may have been created by a few drunk rednecks, and it spread to radical ultra-conservatives. Keep in mind that these people do not reflect the majority opinion of conservatives (many conservatives are mixed on some of the issues listed in the post), and yes, these people may end up hurting conservatives more than rallying them.

  • momentsintime

    The term came up on a news source site my articles appear on. When researching the term I discovered that it only came up on a few sites and they were all connected to the same person and group of persons.

    I by no means believe this is the belief of all of those who are conservative. Many of my friends are quite conservative and tease me about my “shit-disturber” ways. LOL

    Thank you for your comments.

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