Dimitri Is A Street Hero In Quebec

St. Andrew by the Lake in the snow – Photo by Bart B. Van Bockstaele
A Quebec family had it up to here with the lack of snow removal on their street. Instead of just complaining Dimitra Provias installed a snow plow on the front of her SUV. Now she’s a hero in the neighbourhood.

The plow cost the family $4000 to insure that they will be able to get through their narrow Laval, Que. street. The community is north of Montreal.

The contractor’s equipment for the small city is to big for the narrow roads. So far this winter the city has plowed Provias’ street once.

With a winter record of snow this season of 383 centimeters if the residents waited for a thaw they would be blocked in for the duration.

Thank goodness neighbours can count on Dimitra to get them out and moving on down the road.

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