Execution Approved For ‘Chemical Ali’

Saddam Hussein’s cousin Hassan al-Majid, better known as Chemical Ali will be going to the gallows within 30 days. Appeals have not saved the man charged with 100,000 Kurd deaths that resulted from the Anfal campaign in northern Iraq in 1988.

During the campaign that took countless lives al-Majid ultilized poison gas earning him the nickname ‘Chemical Ali’.

remained defiant throughout his trial not once showing any remorse for the carnage he was in charge of.

He said at one hearing: “I am the one who gave orders to the army to demolish villages and relocate the villagers. I am not apologising. I did not make a mistake.”

Hussein Rashid Mohammed, an ex-deputy director of operations for the Iraqi armed forces, and former defense minister Sultan Hashim al-Taie did not have approval from the three member presidental council that approves death sentences. The two that were tried with al-Majid are in United States custody.

The council though did approve for ‘Chemical Ali’ to be executed by hanging. He will be the fifth former regime leader to be hanged for the war crimes associated with the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Kurds.


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