James Karl Buck Twitters Message ‘Mohammed is free, Mohammed is free’

When an American blogger in Egypt sent out a one-word message on Twitter as he was being jailed, it helped to free him. But the translator that accompanied him remained behind bars. Now that man was freed as well.

James Karl Buck sent out the news with a one-word Twitter message on Tuesday.


For almost three months Buck and others have been working to free his translator Mohammed Maree.

Buck had just started using Twitter back in April when the social networking program helped free him when arrested while photographing an anti-government protests over low wages and rising food prices. Maree was arrested along side Buck. With the help of signatures and thousands of activists Maree is now a free man.

An article on CNN said that Buck apologized to the translator as soon as he was freed.

“He was totally in good spirits; he joked with me,” Buck said. “I told him he was a hero, and that because of his case and what he suffered, he’s brought a lot of attention to the government’s behavior in Egypt.”

Buck is a grad student from the University of California, Berkeley working on photography project for his master’s thesis. He met Maree in Mahalla and hired him to act as his translator. Maree is a 23-year-old Egyptian going to veterinary school.

Buck wants the world to know that Maree is a hero.

“I think he’s a hero. Some people might think it sounds silly,” Buck said. “But he went to jail for his beliefs. Instead of selling out or making something up, he really was willing to stand up to the intimidation. It’s people like him that make cracks in a dark wall to let light come in.”


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