A Change of Direction

My posts are generally news but for the next while I will also be writing about our journey in my husband’s heart attack. One week ago today he was fallen by a heart attack on the way to work. He’s still in a medically induced coma. It will be a slow, tedious process but as a family we are strong. With three kids still at home and one very sick man I am exhausted much of the time. Scared, angry, frustrated, worried………..all mixed into elation with each grain of sand that is positive. I am not willing at this point to not be positive on the final outcome. I know in my brain what the negatives could be but my heart and my soul will only cling to the positives. We laugh, we smile, we cry. Life moves forward.

Today I had a milkshake with a friend. Talking about forks and laughing. That’s the best medicine to keep strong and going on.


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