Medical Emergency: What To Do To Be A Hero

If you’re on a streetcar or at a restaurant and someone collapses do you know what to do? Your actions could mean life and death for that person.

Always know the first plan of action is to call 911 for emergency assistance. If you are on public transportation yell to the driver and they will make that call.

In the case of cardiac arrest begin C-P-R immediately. Signs that cardiac arrest is the problem are no pulse, no blood pressure, unconsciousness, not breathing or gasping for breath.

If a person has had a stroke they may still be breathing but unresponive. Stay with the person until medical help arrives.

If a person is having a seizure they are generally reponsive to shaking. Roll the person to their side. DO NOT please anything in their mouth. Seizures generally strike the young and many who have seizure disorders will have a medical alert braclet.

The most important thing you can do is to act. Your actions could be the one thing that saves a person’s life.

I know that the fast reactions of a streetcar teenage angel is what saved the life of my husband, Henry. He was on a Toronto streetcar last Wednesday when he had a heart attack. We still don’t know the name of the girl who was sitting behind him but her actions is why he is still alive. She saw him slump over and alerted the bus driver. A doctor was on the streetcar and started CPR immediately.

Please if you see someone collapse don’t think someone else will act, be the hero. A family will be forever in your debt.


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