UNICEF Worker Gunned Down on Streets in Somalia

A Somali aid worker was killed by gunman on Sunday. Muktar Mohammed
Hassan, a worker for UNICEF is the second aid worker to be assassinated
in the Horn of Africa in two days.

Muktar Mohammed Hassan was ambushed by three men as he walked through Hudar. He was killed on the spot.

Two days ago a U.N. worker was murdered as he left a mosque in the town of Merka.

In the capital Mogadishu fighting has escalated. Insurgents are targeting local people working with foreign aid agencies.

Nearly 10,000 civilians have died aas a result of the fighting in
Somalia. Aid workers are saying that the area is the worst humanitarian
crisis in the world. More than a million people have had to flee their

Yahoo reports:

Somali Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein, speaking in
Mogadishu on Sunday, said his government needed international
assistance to stem the menace of piracy off the Somali coast.

“We know that seven warships from NATO are already in the Somali
coast, we welcome them … We ask for the international community’s
help to end piracy problems,” Nur told reporters.


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