Illegal Immigrants Are Returning Home As The US Economy Falls

The economic crisis is hitting more than just American citizens in the United States; illegal immigrants are finding that the land of opportunity is not what it used to be. Fewer are crossing the border and more are leaving to return home on their own.

The numbers are changing. Fewer people are taking a chance crossing the border illegally. The change hasn’t to do with better fences, more guards or stiffer requirements. The change is that there are no jobs waiting for those who take the chance at a better life living as a ghost in the United States.

Border Patrol has seen a decrease of 12 percent along the Mexican border. Those who are here are sending less money back to their families. Those who are staying here in the states have already established roots and know even in these hard times their job prospects are still better in the US than at home.

The flow across the border generally perks during the holiday season. This year though that flow has been larger says Border Patrol. Mexico City’s municipal government predicts between 20,000 to 30,000 immigrants above the normal amount of illegal immigrants will return to Mexico unable to find work in the States.

There are still an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. so the numbers returning are not a huge change. Still those numbers are large enough to show that the land of opportunity is not the field of dreams that it once was.


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