It’s Going To Be A Warm One This Winter According To Environment Canada

Last year Canadians got a few extra muscles shoveling piles of snow. This year Environment Canada says that the weather will be a touch warmer.

Winter’s on its way but experts are saying that eastern Canada will have warmer than average temperatures this year. That good news doesn’t hold out for the entire country though.

Those living in B.C. and the prairies may have to still have to do extra shoveling.

City News reports:

“What it’s showing is warmer than normal,” said Environment Canada’s Dave Phillips. “We think this winter will in fact be near normal amounts of precipitation and I think the safest prediction of all is to say we’re not going to do as much shovelling and plowing and pushing as we did this year.”

Last year’s massive snows in the city of Toronto cost the government over $65 million for 2008. The city had to dip into a reserve fund of about $20 million to cover the snow costs for November and December.


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