Lily Edwards Dead At The Hands Of Her Babysitter

Steven and April Edwards of Lakeland, Florida thought nothing of leaving their 15-month-old daughter Lily with family friend Gordon Finley Dugger III. The 24-year-old had babysat the little girl before. She is now dead.

Dugger was watching the little girl on Thursday night when she began to cry. When he could not calm he he bounced her on his knee. That must have still not done the trick as his next step was to toss her in the air. The man told detectives that he tossed her abour 5 1/2 feet into the air and dropped her. The child landed on the back of her head knocking her unconscious.

Trying to wake up the injured child Dugger shook her. When she would not wake up he then hit her on the back of the head 10 times, striking her harder with each blow.
Finally he called for emergency services.

Dugger lied to the detectives that the child was fine when he put her to bed but at 2 a.m. she was unresponsive. He lied again telling the police that he had used CPR prior to calling 911.

Little Lily was taken to Lakeland Regional Medical Center where she was pronouced dead. The Medical Examiner’s Office listed her death as head trauma and declared her death a homicide.

Dugger had been a tenant of the Edwards family since July 2008 and had often tended to Lily.

He has been booked into the Polk County Jail.


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