Brandon Crisp Died From Injuries From A Fall

The autopsy report says that the teen died of injuries to the chest. Using dental records the coroner positively identified young Crisp as the body found on Wednesday by a tree close to his home in Barrie, Ontario.

The medical report states that Brandon Crisp, the Ontario boy that ran away from his home after being banned from playing a video game, died from falling out of a tree in the woods.

What is not known is how long the 15-year-old laid on the ground in fall condtions wearing only a T-shirt before he died.

The Crisp family was told the results Friday evening. His parents are in seclusion this weekend as they begin the mourning process for their son.

The area where Brandon was found had not been part of the massive search begun after he stormed off when his parents told him he was not allowed to play his X-box.

His funeral is set for 10 a.m. Friday at St. Mary’s Church in Barrie


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