Kidnapped CBC Reporter Mellissa Fung Released In Afghanstan

On October 12, 2008 Canadian CBC reporter Mellissa Fung was taken by gunmen in Afghanistan. On Saturday morning her relieved parents talked to their daughter after she was released by the kidnappers.

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Fung had been stationed in Kandahar far from her home in Regina, Canada. She was in the Kabul area for a news story when she was abducted.

Her parents believe the experience will not stop their daughter from her chosen field.

CBC reports:

“Because she’s been through the whole situation herself, she can understand more now about other people’s situation, and especially those people who are in need,” Mellissa’s mother Joyce Fung said. “She’s always had a very kind heart for them. She always wants to tell their story.”

“This is the job that she wants and this is the way she want to report,” Kellog Fung said. “In a way, she has done the right things, even though it gets her into this situation.”

The news about the young reporters abduction were kept secret over concern about her safety.


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