Opinion: The Littlest White House Residents

Not since Amy Carter or the Kennedy tots has the White House needed a toy room. With the election of Barack Obama though there will be Barbies in the Oval Office again. Make way for Sasha and Maila Obama.

Sasha Obama is a mere seven years old. She will be one of the very youngest to ever have her bedroom located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Malia is ten. Amy Carter was just nine when her father took the nation’s top job.

Sasha and Malia have been dealing with the cameras in recent months but from now on they will be the shutter bugs focus. Their world is about to become the size of a microscope.

Grandma will also be moving to Washington to help with caring for the girls. Their mother Michelle doesn’t want to use a nanny. There will also be a new member of the family in short order. Their father promised them a puppy when the campaign trail ended and he means to keep his promise to his girls. During his victory speech he let them know that a new pup would be coming with them to the White House.

As Americans look forward to change so will the littlest Obamas. They will be getting more used to the men in black that will protect them as they grow up. They will be dealing with a new school and new friends. They will have to natigate the perils of having a famous parent and kids who cozy up to them for that reason alone.

Welcome Sasha and Maila to the big time. I think you two will be having a blast.

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