Botox Program Offered For the Poor In Rio de Janerio School

Do you need Botox and are not able to afford it? If you don’t mind a trainee injecting poison you may be in luck if you live in Rio de Janerio.

At the Brazilian Society of Esthetic Medicine those wanting the treatments can get a freebie if they make under $250 a month.

Killing two birds with one stone the school offers free treatments so students can learn how to inject the botulism used for facial wrinkles. The poor can get the treatment of the rich by being the students guinea pigs.

The school has treated over 10,000 people since the program started in 1998.

Other treatments available for the poor are laser hair or acne removal, chemical skin peels, treatment of varicose veins and nutritional counseling.

The program lasts for 10 days bringing the special treatments to the poor. Monday was the start of this years run.


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