Bhs Sells Sexy Gifts Next To Children’s Toys

The British retail chain Bhs has a nice offering of edible thongs, nipple tassels and other sex gifts. There may not be a problem with that selection if it was located in any other area in the store besides near the children’s toy spot.

The Bhs stores owned by Sir Philip Green are coming under fire from families that think nipple tassels and doll babies don’t mix.

As the Daily Mail reports:

Mrs Moss, 45, from Ascot, Berkshire, said: ‘Selling this sort of tat normalises crudity. We just don’t need it.

‘I have a teenage daughter and I don’t expect youngsters out shopping with their parents to be confronted with this. It was only a few yards from the children’s department.

The store says it is sorry it’s upset anyone by placing their sex items so close to kiddie toys.

Maybe next time the retail chain will think twice before putting a bell to ring when your partner is ready for sex or a mug shaped like a breast where children can check them out.

Father Joe Ellis in Surrey adds:

‘They can be seen as funny but I find them offensive.

‘They are on shelves right next to the kids’ presents and either of my two children could just pick them up and ask me what they are.

‘I do think it’s wrong, I think they should be moved to a different part of the store.’


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