Jail Break, Postal Style

A Turkish citizen jailed in western Germany escaped from prison after shipping himself out in a cardboard box. The nation now has a manhunt for the fugitive.

The man was working on stationery with other prisoners that is sent out to shops. When it was time for the local courier to pick up the boxes ready for shipping they had a rather large box that contained the tall broad shouldered man. The prisoner waited until he was off of the prison grounds before cutting a big hole in the tarpaulin of the courier truck and jumping off. After discovering the tarpaulin flapping the driver notified the prison.

The warden of the Duesseldolf prison, Beate Peters, isn’t surprised that the escape happened, he’s been asking for more security guards for a while now. He believes the fugitive had friends from outside the walls in on his plan.

BBC News reports:

“As soon as the prisoner jumped off the back of the lorry his friends would have picked him up,” she told the BBC.

“We have no idea where the fugitive is hiding. We assume that he is still in the county and is lying low before making his move.”


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