Obama Will Have To Lose The Blackberry

Like many modern men Barack Obama is addicted to his Blackberry. When he takes office he’ll have to cold turkey it, the President isn’t allowed to have one.

On November 5th he got a congratulatory e-mail from a friend on his victory but becoming President of the United States means some sacrifices. One being the Presidential Records Act. All correspondence will be held up for the offical record and public review. That means friendly chats on his Blackberry just won’t fly.

Obama though is hoping to bring the Oval Office into the modern world. One way he wants to do that is by having a laptop at his Oval Office desk. That goal though may not be allowed.

So far Obama has yet to send out a farewell email to friends and family. He may just wait until the bureaucracy heads demand him to turn over his beloved Blackberry.

MSNBC reports:

“His BlackBerry was constantly crackling with e-mails,” said David Axelrod, the campaign’s chief strategist. “People were generous with their advice — much of it conflicting.”[/quote

George Bush waited until 3 days before taking office to terminate his email address sending out a goodby e-mail.

“Since I do not want my private conversations looked at by those out to embarrass, the only course of action is not to correspond in cyberspace,” Mr. Bush wrote from his old address, G94B@aol.com. “This saddens me. I have enjoyed conversing with each of you.”

Who knows maybe Obama will be able to hold on to his choice of technology. The future may just be ready to catch up with the White House.


One response to “Obama Will Have To Lose The Blackberry

  • Sheryl

    Wonder how President-elect Obama will deal with the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms from his CrackBerry addiction? Read a tongue-in-cheek fantasy letter to the President-elect on how to cope (from one addict to another) at http://www.justmypointofview.wordpress.com.

    Here’s a tidbit:

    Dear Mr. President-Elect Obama:

    Say it ain’t so! From one BlackBerry addict to another, I feel your pain (as another Democratic president used to say with faux emotion). There, on mobile.nytimes.com, I read the words on the tiny screen in the palm of my hand and almost dropped my precious BlackBerry on the floor: “Say Goodbye to BlackBerry? Yes He Can, Maybe.” This, on page A1, of The New York Times.

    To read the rest, visit http://www.justmypointofview.wordpress.com.

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