Bell Canada Cuts Jobs

Around 250 clerical workers for Bell Canada will be getting a pink slip this holiday season. The employees are located in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Hamilton,according to to a company announcement on Friday.

The company is hoping to relocate some of the employees to other jobs in the company. By February 10 the process of moving employees around and job cuts should be completed.

Bell spokesman Jacques Bouchard denies reports from the Communications, Energy and Paperwork Union of outsourcing. The union says otherwise.

“We must stop the bleeding now, Bell Canada will not revamp its image and
customer service by throwing our members out on the street. Instead, Bell
should invest in the employees of its call centers to, among other things,
reduce the waiting time for customers over the phone. Bell needs a competent
workforce to achieve it this can be done by maintaining our members in their
Canadian jobs.” had said Barb Dolan, CEP Ontario Region Administrative

The union is understandably upset at the cuts. They say that employees have “already made significant concessions to allow the company to compete more efficiently.”


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