Daisuke Enomoto Denied Space Travel, His $20 Million Ticket Not Refundable

Daisuke Enomoto wanted to be a space cadet. So much so that he spent $21 million to make his dreams come true. Now he wants a refund from the Virginia company that took his money. They are saying sorry no refund for you.

Space Adventures out of Virginia is being sued by Enomoto after they refused to return the Japanese man’s money.

The firm was brokering deals with the Russian space agency and making a nice tidy profit. Over a dozen space tourists have handed over $20 million or more to travel in orbit.

Enomoto, who had planned on dressing up as his favorite cartoon character in orbit, has chronic kidney-stones. That condition disqualifies him from taking a space trip with the company. The money he gave the company is non-refundable.

Enomoto says that Space Adventures is just using kidney stones as an excuse not to allow him to fly out his dreams. He also claims that the company has demanded more money in the past and was not happy when he said no.

Enomoto was planning on being the first space tourist to do a spacewalk dressed as anime character Char Aznable. In 2006 he spent eight months training at the Star City facility neatr Moscow for the flight.

Until Enomoto refused to pay more his kidney stone condition didn’t seem to be a problem. He was replaced by Anousheh Ansari on the flight.


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