Pixels For Pistols Program In Toronto A Hit

Trying to combat recent gun violence Toronto police are offering people a chance to shoot each other with digital cameras instead of guns.

Toronto residents can hand over their guns until Monday, December 1 to receive a camera from the police.

The Star reports:

“We got an overwhelming response,” Det. Sgt. Chris Boddy said yesterday. “People turned in a lot more guns than we expected. We continue to receive calls and as the time goes on, more and more people are aware of this program.”

The program began on October 22 and appears to be very popular. So far more than 1,000 guns and 20,000 rounds of ammo are off the street. After tests confirm that the handed over weapons have not been used in a crime they will be destroyed.

If you are interested in trading your pistol for some pixels contact the Toronto police department at 416-808-2222 any day of the week between 7 am and 7 pm.


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