Six Prisoners in Indiana Sneak Some Sex Into Daily Routine

Most inmates have to forego the pleasures of the flesh while serving out their jail terms. That was not the case for six men and women at a Bloomfield, Indiana prison.

The lusty prisoners sneaked out of their cells for some sexy fun at the Greene County Jail on a regular basis to meet up with each other.

Prison officials put an end to their delight this week after discovering the sexy kinks going on under their noses.

By removing the metal ceiling panels from their cells the sixx squeezed into the narrow openings and used passageways in the roof to meet up each other.

The men (44, 38 and 17) and women (27,26 and 21) are believed to have used a shower drain as a homemade screwdriver to remove the panels. They would then wiggle to their funny place after midnight to have sex and drink homemade brew before returning to their cells. Their activities were not once caught on the security cameras.

The September and October party scene though has been ended. The six now will face the judge for charges of felony escape.


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