Teen Attacked At Calgary High School Because He Is A Red-Head

A teenager in Calgary was beaten for the colour of his hair. The Grade 10 red head at St. Francis High School is recovering with bruises to his upper body.

The incident took place Thursday after gym class when thirteen other students singled out the teen for the colour of his hair.

CBC Canada reports:

The fact of the matter is from a policing perspective, it is a hate crime, and this individual was targeted because of the fact they have red hair,” said police spokesman Kevin Brookwell.

The crime is being linked to a Facebook group known as Kick a Ginger Day. The group urged its members to kick a person with red hair on November 20. Calling redheads ginger kids is linked to an episode from the television show South Park.

One grade 12 student at the school, Ken Logel, admitted that he had been kicking some of his fellow students with red hair and that that had been a running joke at the school during the day. Logel’s friend Simon Burke continued about the incident where the victim was surrounded by a gang of kids:

“Some kids took it too far in the locker room yesterday and ended up really hurting one of the kids at our school. It’s really hard to hear about it and I’m pretty disappointed in the kids that did it.

“Mostly, kids at the school are pretty good people and don’t really expect people to be hurting other ones just for having red hair. It’s just pretty ridiculous.”

Schools in several provinces sent warnings to students and parents about the prank. One Vancouver Island middle school had to send 20 students home after they kicked red-haired students.


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