Obama to Decide on Washington Church

In January, Barack Obama will have a new home and a new church. Obama has to be careful that his search for a house of worship will not offend anyone.

Because religion and politics do not blend well any choice he makes will be under the media microscope.

If the church is one that has a political leaning or leans towards one race the media will be on the attack.

Each new President has to make a choice for their Washington church.

Obama’s church in Chicago is with the Church of Christ. That sect is mostly white mainline Protestants. In Washington there are several churches of that denomination some of which have mostly black congregations.

ABC News reports:

“Ironically, Wright belonged to the United Church of Christ, a middle-of-the-road white denomination,” said activist and preacher the Rev. Al Sharpton. “The Wright situation must be something on his mind when looking for a church, but I don’t know what his thinking is.

“The truth is, it’s a new age in America and in America’s churches,” Sharpton added. “What were once white churches are now mixed. And what were once black churches are now mixed.”

Hopefully politics will not be the guiding edge when it comes time to narrow down the family’s church choice. Religion is a private matter. The wrong church for a family can cause disunity.

It may take some time. The Clintons took until March to set upon their choice, Foundry United Methodist Church. The pastor had no warning when the First Family trekked on foot through a record snowfall to worship within the church. The pastor that served the church during that time, Phil Wogaman recalls Clinton’s first service.

“We didn’t have any advance warning that the Clintons would be attending that morning,” Wogaman said. “The Sunday they arrived, it was bitter cold and Washington was walloped by a record snowfall. There were just a handful of people there, and in walked the Clintons. They had walked a mile from the White House in the snow. They looked a little bedraggled, but settled right in. The press and the Secret Service comprised half the congregation that day.”


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