President George Bush Pardons 14

It’s that time again, when the outgoing Prez decides to let some of their buddies get away with misdeeds that the rest of us would be sitting in a cell for years for. The President can give pardons away whenever they feel like it .

George Bush is getting ready to head back down to his Texan ranch come January 20th but he has a bit of housecleaning to do before hand. Right now 16 individuals are glad they are in his cleaning up jobs.

Now mind you Bush doesn’t just give clemency to anyone. He’s actually rather stingy when it comes to turning the other cheek compared to Clinton or Reagan. During his eight years as Commander of the United States he’s only granted 171 pardons and eight commutations.

The lucky winners are:

Leslie Owen Collier, killer of three bald eagles by improper use of pesticide in hamburger meat. Collier had aimed to off some coyotes but instead ended up killing three of the national birds.

Milton Kirk Cordes who conspired to violate the Lacey Act.

Richard Michael Culpepper who lied to the federal government.

Brenda Jean Dolenz-Helmer concealed information that dealt with her doctor father accused of medical insurance fraud.

Andrew Foster Harley a drug dude at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He was convicted of using and distributing pot and coke at the school.

Obie Gene Helton who defrauded his way into food stamps.

Carey C. Hice, Sr. who evaded income tax.

Geneva Yvonne Hogg who embezzled money from a bank.

William Hoyle McCright, Jr. who frauded a bank.

Paul Julian McCurdy who was convicted of misapplication of bank funds.

Robert Earl Mohon Jr. who planned on distributing reefer.

Ronald Alan Mohrhoff a narc felony who used the telephone unlawfully.

Daniel Figh Pue III who didn’t have the proper permit to treat, store and dispose of hazardous waste.

Orion Lynn Vick who aided and abetted the theft of government property.

John Edward Forte and James Russell Harris, both busted for coke had their sentences commuted.

When the Prez gives out a pardon it is absolute and will not be overruled according to the Constitution.

There are still quite a few who are hoping that Bush will give them a break before he leaves office. They have less than two months but who knows, Bush may just let a bunch of baddies have a ‘get out of trouble’ card ready for Christmas gifts this year.

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