Alan Scherr and Daugher Naomi Among The Dead In Mumbai

She was a mischievous thirteen-year-old, he was a peaceful 58-year-old. Together father and daughter died as bullets cut through the dining room of the Oberoi hotel in Mumbai, India.

“People remain unhappy regardless of wealth, leisure time, any attainment of skill or knowledge, or any other conditional state. The miracle of this life continues to unfold for me on a daily basis.”
-Alan Scherr

Alan Scherr and his daughter Naomi are but a few of those who lost their lifes during India’s 9/11.

The pair were in Mumbai as part of a two-week pilgrimage from the the Synchronicity Foundation, a spiritual community in Central Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. They had traveled with 25 others.

Scherr was a former art professor at the University of Maryland. In the 1990’s he and wife Kia moved to the Virginia community founded by Charles Cannon in 1983. There they raised and homeschooled young Naomi and her brothers with about 30 other families.

They were in Mumbai visiting ashrams and holy sites before their planned departure this coming Monday. Scherr was the guide.

Naomi had planned to use her experience in India in an essay for a scholarship application to Emma Willard School in Troy, New York.

Father and daughter were dining with Andreina Varagona when the rampage began. The Associated Press quotes Varagona’s recantation of the night.

“Within two minutes, they were on us,” Varagona told the Associated Press from her bed in a hospital intensive care unit in Mumbai, where she was recovering from arm and leg wounds.

Mother Kia Scherr heard the news of her husband and daughter’s in Florida.


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