David Duverger Puts Himself Up For Auction On eBay For Charity

If you live in England there’s a chance you could have your Christmas feast prepared by David Duverger, head chef of Papillion. Of course you have to outbid everyone else on E-Bay.

The world renown chef is hoping to make a nice little donation for Children with Leukaemia. The starting bid is set at £800 on eBay.

The winner and seven guest will dine fat on the hog. French chicken, truffles and buche de noel are all on the menu. The four-course lunch will be served promptly at 1pm no matter what size of kitchen you have.

The Telegraph quotes the young chef as to why he put himself up for auction.

“Seven years ago, I lost my three-year-old nephew to cancer.

“Hopefully, I can offer the highest bidder and their guests the best Christmas dinner of their lives.

“It will certainly be a bit different from the roast turkey and cranberries they are probably used to.

“I imagine I will be cooking for around four hours and they are welcome to watch, so it could be as much of a cookery class as a meal.

“And if people want to spend more time with their family than usual on Christmas Day rather than slaving away in the kitchen, they can just let me get on with it for them.”

If the winner lives over 100 miles from London David hopes they will put him up in hotel on Christmas Eve.

The auction began on Sunday and will end in ten days.


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