Opinion: This Is Not A Victory, Evil Can’t Win

The sets of two young men walked through a town looking like nice college boys. They know their destinations, their targets, their motive. They know they will make history. They are death.

The first to be hit on Thursday was the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai’s main railway station. Two men lined up in ques ready to kill. They along with their comrades used their backpacks to carry assault rifles.

For three days the sound of gunfire sent terror through Mumbai and the world. If it could happen there, it could happen anywhere.

The gunmen were little more than children. Young men with their lives ahead of them, willing to die for a cause that most of the world can’t understand. Ready to be cold blooded killers, to strike out at innocents.

They were hardly innocent. To be able to shoot from the hip, professional, cool, collected is not a sign of youth. It’s the sign of a killer.

These killers knew what they were doing. This was no first timers mission. The sites had been staked out, the exits learned, the human targets understood. Western, different, foreigners. Who would make the most visible, most painful victims.

They asked for passports. They wanted the Westerns. They came to kill.

In the end 195 targets were on the ground. People with families, loved ones. They didn’t deserve to die.

The authorities had to use wooden baggage carts to clear areas of corpses.

Hotels, hospitals, train stations, police stations…all are targets. Better armed than many that are sent in to protect innocents they have the upper hand to begin with.

They target the Taj Hotel and the Taj Mahal.

To think that a wonder of the world built out of love could be the scene of such carnage.

In the end love though will prevail. Bullets can’t stop the love that families have for each other. Grenades are no match for the spirit of people.

They wanted to spread terror. That they accomplished. They will fail though in the end.

The human spirit can not allow for evil to overcome goodness. For if it does, if the evil wins then this horrible event will be a victory and the bloodied streets of Mumbai will lose more than the souls that died.


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