Penn State Fans Now Have A Perfume To Savor!

If you have a fan of Penn State on your Christmas list have I got the perfect gift for you! The school has come out with their own perfume and cologne that captures the essence of the school’s colours!

Don’t worry that you’ll smell like the gridiron if you dab a bit of the scent on your pulse points. The $60 perfume is a blend of vanilla, lilac, rose and white patchouli. The cologne is more manly with blue cypress and cracked pepper vapor.

The blends are based on the essence of the school, it’s colours and the flowers and trees on the campus.

Masik is the company that has put out the fragances. Katie Masich is the company president. She has worked with Calvin Klein and Jennifer Lopez for other scents.

Masik also offers perfume and cologne for the University of North Carolina. Next year they are hoping to add six other universities to their collection.

Some of the proceeds from each bottle will go to the school’s scholarship fund.


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