Move Over Tupperware, It’s time for Taser Parties

Selling items at home parties is a fun way for ladies to make a few extra dollars. Makeup, naughty bits and Tupperware have all been passed around living rooms but now it’s time for Tasers to have center stage.

Women are deciding to buy personal Tasers to protect themselves and their families. Some are doing so at home parties.

Feeling the fear of possible attacks is helping women buy into the use of Tasers. Knowing that the Taser is not meant to kill is an added bonus to some.

Tennessee’s WBIR reports:

“I work in healthcare field,” customer Mei Ling said. “I do see a lot of women, especially the young women get assaulted.”

Ling said she knows she could push the button on a Taser, but wouldn’t pull a trigger on a gun.

“A gun could hurt someone or kill someone but the Taser it’s just going to paralyze an individual for some time,” Ling said.

Tammy Hardin and her husband B.K. are Taser distributors. They have Taser parties to homes in East Tennessee. These parties have been popular in other parts of the United States.

Hardin, herself a gun owner, went through a frigthening ordeal while shopping at a local mall.

“I had my keys in my hand, that’s what you’re supposed to do. I picked up my pace got in my car, locked the doors he walked by and grabbed my handle.”

She’s not alone. The fear that many women feel helps drive up the sales for Tasers. The couple sells the Taser C-12 at these parties and show the safe way to operate the device with confidence. The version that is sold for consumers deploys bi-metal probes into an attacker that also gives a 30 second volt. That 30 seconds will down the ‘bad guy’ enabling a person to get away from a risky situation.

“If you deploy your Taser, you deploy it, drop it and run,” B.K said. “No matter how big you are or how strong you are, you will go to the ground. It will drop you because your muscles will tighten up, and you have no control.”

In Tennessee as in some other parts of the nation a permit is not required to carry a Taser. There is however a background check. Without the clearance from that check customers are not provided with the code needed for operating the Taser.

Tasers and cartridge cost roughly $400.

Because the idea behind the Taser is to fire it, drop it and run away the company will replace their product with a police report that verifies the incident.


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