New Security Measures Welcomed By Canadian Greyhound Bus Drivers

Greyhound bus drivers will have some new security rules that should make their job safer. Starting this week hand-held metal detectors will be used on passengers.

Recent attacks by passengers boarding with weapons have not been the reason to overhaul the security on buses.

Passengers will no longer be allowed to bring on more than a purse. All other luggage will be put in the cargo holds of buses.

The security changes come from a company wide review that started in 2006.

The Calgary Herald reports:

Making bus travel even safer is a responsibility we take seriously,” said Greyhound Canada spokesman Stuart Kendrick.

“By taking a leadership position in the industry, we hope to set an example for other carriers to follow.”

The changes will take place this week for passengers boarding in Edmonton, Winnipeg and Calgary. Other locations in Canada will have the measures in place by December 15.

Drivers are welcoming these changes and hope that more measures will follow. The Edmondton Sun reports:

“It’s going to expand, there’s no doubt about that. I’m certainly happy this process did finally come to fruition,” said Jim Higgs, president of the Amalgamated Transit Union chapter that represents about 500 drivers across northern Ontario and Western Canada.


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