Simon Cowell’s Lawyers Tell Media Enough is Enough

After a tracking device was found on Simon Cowell’s Rolls Royce his lawyers have warned the UK media to stop harassing their client. The word out is enough is enough.

Law firm Carter-Ruck sent a warning letter to British papers after consulting with publicist Max Clifford.

The letter pointed out to media that by using a tracking device they could find themselves on the wrong side of a judge. The practice is illegal. It is known which journalist put the device on Cowell’s car and he has been spoken to.

The Guardian reports:

“We know who he is and we have marked his card and told him to never do anything like that again,” Clifford said.

“We have always played the game and we are not precious but this is way beyond anything acceptable. So Carter-Ruck has sent a letter out to everybody warning them about this and making clear that it is unacceptable,” he added.

“Simon has been putting up with this for seven years, with people approaching him at all hours and we know that we have got to have working relationships with the papers but within acceptable boundaries.”

Cowell is not stressing over the matter though. He knows the game of being a celebrity and is not into making a huge fuss over these kind of matters. Still his lawyers want it to be clear to media that Cowell should not be pursued or put under surveillance where he should expect to have privacy. That includes entering and leaving his home.


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