Surprise, Surprise Science Nerds In University Have Less Sex Than Art Students

Chances are that nerd in college is a virgin but the hot looking female art student is enjoying sex. There’s a chance that fathers of art school daughters aren’t going to be happy with a new study out.

A study published in the journal Sexual Health on the sexual habits of 16 to 25 year olds showed that males in the study were less likely than females to be having sex.

Stephen Carroll, a Sydney-based psychotherapist says that cultural factors played a role in the results of the study.

Carrol found that boys started having sex later than the girls in university science programs. This could stem from the fact more international students come to Australia to study science. Their devotion and work ethic may keep them in the lab instead of at parties. Science students also tend to be male.

As Carroll says in a Telegraph article:

“And who are the people at unis that go to the rave parties and the bar?

“It’s not the nerdy boy science students.

“They’re carrying on doing their experiments, going to the library or doing their assignments.”

Carroll may have the stats for his study but science students may beg to differ with his results.

Dr Chris Ganora, who studied science for three years, denied the subject put an end to all romantic pursuits.

“Although we may have been a little nerdier than the other students, let’s just say the gender ratio wasn’t as bad as engineering,” he said.

The study also may have a flaw in it. More female students (78 percent) agreed to take the survey.


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