UK Banking Giant Harassed Dying Man Over Debt More Than 750 Times

Halifax, the banking giant in the UK has been taken to court after harassing David Lloyd and his wife Annette Edwards. The Sale, Greater Manchester couple claim that the bank phoned them 762 times trying to collect on outstanding debts.

Mr. Lloyd, 62, has terminal cancer. After the bank was told that they began to call the couple around 5 times a day for seven months. The couple changed their phone number to escape the harassing calls but that didn’t stop the ringing.

The bank was not satisfied to terrorize just the couple according to Edwards but also their 29-year-old daughter Stefanie Moore. Ms. Moore has alleged the bank called her as many as 100 times. The daughter has no liablity on any of her parent’s debts.

In January 2006 Mr. Lloyd was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The former telesales representative had to leave his job on the advice of his doctors. Mrs Edwards also left her employment in order to tend to her dying husband. The day after the doctors gave the sad news she informed the Halifax branch in Sale of her husband’s grim diagnosis. She asked for time to sort out their financial affairs.

Between the time benefits started and the payment protection insurance they had purchased from the bankers they were unable to make loan and credit card payments. They also had an overdraft on their joint account.

Mrs Edwards believes that they owe the bank £762 not the £4,000 that Halifax claims. She also claims that the bank has refused to give the couple a final balance of what is owed.

They have filed a harassment claim in civil courts under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.

Their solicitor has been able to have an injunction granted preventing the bank from contacting them. The bank made a formal promise in court not to have debt collectors bother them.

The bank has been in contact with the couple four times since that promise was made.


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