Watering Down Infant Formula Is A Deadly Way To Save Money

In these tiring economical times everyone is looking for a way to save a dollar but one way could prove dangerous. Watering down baby formula is deadly.

A Tampa, Florida mother almost lost her 5-month-old after watering down his formula. Last week little La’Damian Barton stopped breathing after having a seizure. He was put in the hospital and should be able to go home today.

The diagnosis was malnourishment and water intoxication.

His mother, Jeri Moss, 23, is in technical college and couldn’t afford to buy more formula than what she was allotted with WIC. The federal WIC program gives supplement foods including formulas to low income families. It is not meant to cover all of a child’s nutritional needs.

The maximum monthly allotment for a woman with a 5-month-old child is as follows:

403 fl.oz of infant formula
286 fl. oz of juice
24 oz. of infant cereal
36 oz of cereal
24 quart of milk
and 2 dozen eggs


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