Child Dies After Being Crushed By Christmas Parade Float In Texas

Aaliyah Carter, 11, died in a horrible accident during the Beaumont, Texas Christmas parade on Saturday. She had been running along side one of the floats when she tripped and fell under the wheels.

The young girl attended Homer Elementary School in Beaumont.

Young Aaliyah tripped over another little girl falling in the road. The driver of the float was unaware that a child laid in the road ran over her with the float wheels crushing her tiny body. Carter was pronounced dead on arrival at Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital from severe head wounds.

Aaliyah had been on a float sponsored by the I-Rule Dance Studio in Beaumont. The girls on the float had been performing at the Beaumont Civic Center as part of the Very merry Main Street Market.

The children were about to get off the float in the staging area when the accident happened. Carter had already been warned not to jump on and off of the truck prior to the accident. While the truck was paused in traffic Carter fell. The truck then restarted completely unaware that the girl was in its path.

A fund will be set up to help the family at Capitol One Bank in Beaumont.


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