Did You Hear About The Teens Who Tried To Steal a Police Car?

Some car thieves just don’t have what it takes. Case in point, the three teens from Tampa, Florida who broke into an unmarked police car Monday night.

Two undercover police officers had watched the demented trio wandering around the West Columbus Drive and North Oakdale Avenue area looking for a new car to zip around town in without putting a down payment. Thinking that chances would be high that the teens would want to score on their Dodge Stratus the cops parked in the parking lot of Columbus Court Apartments.

The police knew they were right when they heard one of the teens proclaim, “Hey, how about we get this car?” The trio was armed with the tools of the car stealing trade; flat tip screwdrivers, a flashlight and a piece of concrete rock. With one of the teens shining the flashlight another was about to smash the rear window. That’s when they got a special surprise. The cops jumped out of the car and nabbed two of the three.

The two captured admitted they had plans to steal the car not knowing that it belonged to the police.

The two teens, 15 and 17, have been charged with auto burglary, possession of burglary tools and resisting arrest without violence. The third was faster than his friends and remains at large.


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