Does An Eraser Make It So? Holidays Scrubbed Off School Calendar

In this time of avoiding offending students one college in Britain went over and beyond. The school calendar for Yorkshire Coast College has removed the terms Christmas and Easter.

In order to avoid bothering students of ethnic minorities the traditional Christian holidays are now called “end of term breaks.”

The school insists that the decision is in line with the offset guidelines. Not everyone is on board with the politically correct calendar.

SIFY News reports:

Tory MP Robert Goodwill said: “We are a Christian country and, to be honest, religious tolerance in this country is about respecting other people’s beliefs.”

“School terms are traditionally separated by Christmas and Easter and they should be referred to as such. It’s political correctness gone mad,” the Daily Sat quoted Goodwill, as saying.

The college’s spokeswoman says that the school in Scarborough, North Yorkshire reviews the ways it communicates to students constantly inorder not to discriminate. Therefore the holidays in question will now be called End of Term Break.


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