Follow Up: Dollar Tree Decides To Do What’s Right

Just three weeks after an angry grandmother went public about Dollar Tree’s insurance refusing to pay death benefits the company has offered a settlement. Taneka Talley’s son will now have the money to attend college when it’s time.

Talley was killed by a man who wanted to kill a black person while working at Dollar Tree in March 2006. Dollar Tree’s insurance company tried to state because the death was hate related the company was not liable.

Dollar Tree and the insurance company held firm to that decision until Carol Frazier went public on the details. Frazier, mother of Talley, was upset that the company refused to pay death benefits that would ease the load for caring for her grandson.

In a surprise twist the company decided to do the right thing.

ABC News reports:

“While we were advised that the claim would not be covered under the state worker’s compensation law,” Dollar Tree’s vice president of investor relations, Tim Reid wrote, “we feel this is the right thing to do for Taneka’s son.”


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