Help PETA Out, Buy a Coffin

Everyone dies sometime and now when you’ve taken that last breathe your coffin can benefit People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The worms may not be able to read the slogans of “Lifetime PETA Member” but they will be proud of you.

“Told You I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead in Fur!”

The coffins are made in New Mexico with no screws, nails, hinges or animal based glues. They are also cheap, only $620 to $670. That price includes a contribution of $75 to PETA.

Standard wood coffins ranges from $350 for a chipboard coffin to $2500 for a cedar coffin.

A former construction worker, Dienna Genther, assembles the boxes for The Old Pine Box in Edgewood. When PETA contacted her she thought they wanted the special coffins to be for pets, a product she offers.

The Associated Press reports:

“But then they sent the designs, the classic toe-pincher style, and I realized they wanted human coffins,” she recalled. “I told them, `We can do it.'”

Genther is not a PETA member but, “I support their cause.”

With about 2 million PETA millions the partnership could make a tidy little profit for Genther. She already has at least one future customer.

Joan Calpin, a 40-year-old health insurance billing clerk and PETA member in Middletown, Del., plans to buy one.

“It’s a great idea,” she said. “For myself and a lot of my friends who are activists, everybody always says, `All my life, I’ve helped animals.’ Well, now you can say it even after your life is over. You’re still helping animals.”


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