Jet Airlines Fired 1,000 Employees in September Without Media Knowing

Jet Airlines sacked employees in September without letting the media know. Around 1,000 employees were given pink slips before an additional 1,900 were laid off recently.

The company was able to keep the earlier lay-offs out of the media. Jet Airways CEO Wolfgang Prock-Schauer told investors that the company would be able to synergise after trimming its staff from Jet Airlines and JetLite, the budget branch of the company.

Times of India reports:

“On the staff numbers, we have reduced the headcount in September by further 1,000 entries and now able to synergise the operations between Jet and JetLite,” the sources said quoting Prock-Schauer.

In October another 1,900 were given walking papers cutting staff down to 13,000 employees. Than came the surprise move by Chairman Naresh Goyal. He overruled the Board’s decision of firing employees and reinstated them.

“I apologise for all the agony you had to go through for two days. You can all come back to work from tomorrow. We have decided to take back all the employees,” Goyal had said in a midnight press conference.


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