Sheriff Jones Refuses To Evict This Winter In Bulter County, Ohio

Another sheriff has told his deputies to ignore eviction orders when people have no where else to go. Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones will not be party of putting a family out in the cold during this winter season in Hamilton, Ohio.

Like Sheriff Dart in Chicago, Sheriff Jones shows that he has his communities best welfare at heart.

WLWT reports;

“It doesn’t cost much for me to be compassionate, and I’m not going to cause somebody to die because I wasn’t compassionate,” Jones said.

Jones has also sent a letter to Govenor Ted Strickland asking for a state order to stop forced evictions during winter months.

Jones himself could face legal trouble on this act of compassion. He could be on the wrong side of a court bench if a bank or landlord challenges his refusal to honor a court order to evict someone.

He says he will face any consequences that may come from his order.

“There has to be some attention drawn to somebody that’s going to be thrown out of their houses that doesn’t have anywhere else to go,” Jones said.


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