Bush Insider Dead,Velvet Revolution Says Life Had Been Threatened

Michael Connell died December 19 in a plane crash just three miles short of the Akron airport. He was scheduled to tell everything about his work with George Bush and his implications of rigging both the 2000 and 2004.

Prior to his death Connell had told a close associate that he feared that George Bush and Dick Cheney would “throw him under the bus.”

For the past two years Connell was under investigation by Velvet Revolution (VR) , a non-profit group.

In July VR was informed by a tipster within the McCain campaign that Connell and his wife had been threatened by Karl Rove. At that time Cliff Arnebeck, attorney for VR, notified the United States Attorney General, Ohio law enforcement and the federal court about those threats. He demanded that Connell be placed in protective custody. Connell had been warned not to fly his plane because it could be sabotaged. Two previous flights this year had to be abandoned because of suspicious problems with the plane. Connell was an experienced pilot. He flew to Washington, D.C. on December 18 to meet some people. The crash happened on the return home.

On October 31 Connell appeared before a federal judge in Ohio after being subpoenaed in a federal lawsuit investigating the rigging of the 2004 election under the direction of Karl Rove. He was ordered to testify under oath at a deposition on November 3. VR received information that the White House was nervous about that testimony. Two Bush/Cheney 04 attorneys were sent to represent him.

Connell was involved with the destruction of White House emails and setting up an off-grid email system for the White House.

Connell handled all of John McCain’s computer work during the recent election.


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