Jolie-Pitt Children Not Likely To Get Big Ticket Christmas Presents

They have all the money in the world yet the kids of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt exchange home-made gifts at Christmas time. The six kids will not be getting the latest and greatest toys this year from Mom and Dad partly because they don’t ask for them.

Brad Pitt talked about the gifting practices of his large family with Hello! Magazine. He revealed that his kids don’t watch American cartoons shows because of the advertising that comes with the programming. He believes the ads are manipulative.

The Daily Mail quotes Pitt:

‘The kids don’t ask for big gifts for the reason that they don’t see a lot of the American cartoon television, which is packed with all those manipulative commercials for big toys that look so fantastic.

‘When they do see that stuff is when they start asking for the toys, so we figure if they don’t see them they won’t know they’re there.

Pitt says the rule is you have to make something for someone else when it comes to presents.

The family embraces the idea that they area rainbow tribe. Right now Jolie and Pitt are in the planning stages of a ceremony for everyone during the holiday season but it has yet to be finalized.

While their house is chaotic they have no plans at stopping with just the six kids. The joy in the home out weighs the chaos. All of the children hail from different parts of the world.

‘They are all the same blood. It is such elation to see them all living together, and getting along together, and to know that we were able to give them a home – in some cases, to give them a life.

‘It’s a wonderful thing that we are able to do this because of the jobs we have – and it’s a selfish thing, too, because the rewards are extraordinary.

‘We’ve always said that we’ll carry on until we find a reason to stop doing this – and, no, we haven’t found that reason yet.’

Pitt also reveals that speed is the trick to successful diaper changes.

Jolie is slowly trying to fade from being in front of the cameras to have more time for the couple’s growing family. She doesn’t rule out nteresting projects though. When asked if her looks fading could present problems with acting roles she laughed and stated she doesn’t plan on acting very much longer.

Laughing, she continued: ‘I’m ready to do a few things now and fade away and get ready to be a grandma one day.’


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