Nine Headless Bodies Found In Drug Torn Mexico

Mexico’s war on drugs may be the factor of nine decapitated bodies found close to a highway in the state of Guerrero. The bodies are just the latest random killings in a nation whose drug operations have violence spiraling out of control.

A local official stated that some of the nine bodies that were found belonged to the military. Nine heads had been found earlier warning that more decapitations were to follow.

On Saturday nine soldiers were abducted as they left a miliary base close to the city of Chilpancingo.

As the drug wars rage on in Mexico thousands of soldiers have been deployed to stop drug smuggling operations. The innocent are caught in a violent circle, unable to live without fear.

Classrooms are empty with residents fearing to allow their children to trek to school. Recent kidnapping threats outweigh parents desire for their children’s education. 90 percent of parents are keeping their children off of the dangerous streets.

Murders have become commonplace in Mexico. the drug related violence has been ongoing since 2006 when President Felipe Calderon deployed about 40,000 troops against the drug cartels. The outlook for the coming year is bleak as drug gangs are split and fighting for turf lines.

In Juarez at least 1,530 people have died this year at the hands of drug cartels. Nightly beheadings, hangings and mass executions are becoming a way of life for those caught in the line of fire. More than 300 women have been murdered with their killers at large.

On a recent Sunday 19 people were killed. Gunmen attacked police in four different locations. One attack was outside an emergency room at a local hospital. Four police officers died at that location.

Hours later as a decapitated body was dumped on the street three men were lined against a wall to be executed. The gunmen left behind a banner listing 28 policemen they planned to kill.


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