Casey Anthony Denied Attending Caylee Anthony’s Funeral

Casey Anthony has been denied from attending her daughter’s funeral. Anthony remains in custody in Orange County, Florida charged with first degree murder of 3-year-old Caylee Anthony.

There has yet to be a funeral scheduled for the toddler whose remains were found last week close to her grandparents home.

Caylee was reported missing in July. Last week her death was ruled a “homicide of undetermined means” by Orange County Chief Medical Examiner Jan Garavaglia.

Casey Anthony has plead no guilty to the crime.


3 responses to “Casey Anthony Denied Attending Caylee Anthony’s Funeral

  • janu17ary

    To Casey Anthony
    You don’t deserve a trial. You murdered your own child. I have three girls and I would take my own life before I would hurt a hair on my childrens head. I would take a bullet for them along with all the real mothers of the world which by the way you are definitely not a part of. You should be ashamed of yourself for what you did to that beautiful little girl. The whole country is watching the news daily reporting on this case and the evidence is going to bury you. Why didn’t you give her to someone if you didn’t want her? Why did you have to kill her? I think about little Caylee every minute of my day. I cry everytime I see her beautiful little face in the pictures Nancy Grace shows on her show. You are a MONSTER. Why didn’t you just kill yourself? Did you really think you could do such a horrific thing to your own child and get away with it! There won’t be a person on your jury who will have any pity on you. One day, you will face your maker and you will be face to face with your little girl , tell me, what will you tell her? The whole world knows you are guilty and they will see to it that you never see the light of day again for what you have done. That poor little girl suffered a horrible death at the hands of her own mother. May God have mercy on your soul because where you are going, you need it. A note to you little Caylee, you belong to the world now. You belong to America. You are loved by millions of people who never even knew you existed. I would have taken you into my home and raised you as my own. You are a blessed little girl and you are with God now honey and no longer in pain. Rest in peace little angel. God has wrapped his arms around you and he will now keep you safe from all harm. I love you sweetheart along with America. Now sleep little angel and fly with the angels.

  • americaspeaksink

    C. Rich of America Speaks Ink will be making a public offer to Casey Anthony herself on Tuesday Sept. 1 2009.

  • James

    Part of one of my editors though sums it up. I question things because I am.

    Can we change the world? Can one person write an article that makes millions stop and rethink their way of life? Can we support an idea and see it come to light? Can we research until our eyes bleed? Can we not?

    You are some philosopher! “I question things because I am” You must be the great great great grandchild of Rene Descartes! “can we change the world” Give me a friggin break idiot.

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