Holiday Miracle, Donna Molnar Survives Three Days Lost In Canada

The holidays are a time of wonder. Such is the case for a Canadian woman who survived for three days buried in a snowbank.

Police say that the snow that trapped 55-year-old Donna Molnar who lives west of Toronto, Canada saved her as well by insulating her from the cold.

Molnar was last seen Friday as she drove from her home to get baking supplies. The next day her van was found along a rural road abandoned.

For two days rescue crews searched for the woman without finding her. All hope was gone when on Monday search dog Ace began barking about 200 meters from where the van had been found.

Molnar was recovered suffering from hypothermia. She has lost several of her digits but is in serious but stable condition.

Reuters reports:

“That deep snow may very well have been what insulated her enough to keep her core temperature high enough that she survived the three days,” said Staff Sergeant Mark Cox of the police force in Hamilton, Ontario.

It is thought that Molnar got distracted by the heavy snow and left her van to find help.

Ace the search dog was to be rewarded with a T-bone dinner for his good work.


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