Middle School Student Charged With Making Threats At Lake Gibson

A twelve-year-old has been accused of writing threats on his school’s bathroom walls. The threats at Lake Gibson Middle School in Lakeland, Florida disrupted classes on December 12.

Because of the boy’s charge of only a misdemeanor his name is not being released to the press. The youth was charged with disrupting a school function. That charge was filed with the State Attorney’s Office this past Friday.

The child whose actions prompted parents to keep their kids out of school in droves will get a slap on the wrist if found guilty. He could be made to enter a diversion program where he would be forced to write a letter of apology or perform community service.

The wall threat was similar to another at Lake Gibson High School found on November 18. The high school threat warned of a shooting spree with the shooter committing suicide in the end. Another threat came days later about a possible bombing.

The middle school student’s threat was less graphic. It was written in pencil simply saying that something would happen on Friday. Principal John Barber alerted parents of the threat by automated message.

Because of the threat additional police were at the school. According to school officals the middle school student was a copycat who wanted a day off.

Students have been warned that they could be expelled if they were found making threats. The middle school student’s light possible punishment does not reflect what the school has said would happen to students making threats.


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